It has been said [by Antaole France], “it is not by amusing oneself that one learns,” and, in reply: “it is only by amusing oneself that one can learn.”

— Edward Kasner and James R. Newman

There is no CyberSpace, just a lot of people pretending.

— Samuel John Kass I (Am)

Any medium powerful enough to extend man’s reach is powerful enough to topple his world. To get the medium’s magic to work for one’s aims rather than against them is to attain literacy.

— Alan Kay, “Computer Software,” Scientific American

She’s a wonderful, wonderful person, and we’re looking forward to a happy and wonderful night — uh, life.

— Ted Kennedy (about his then fiancee, Victoria Reggie)

As far as I am concerned, paranoia is nothing but heightened awareness.

— H. Jameel al Khafiz

José … José is our Master … José decides who shall remember … and who shall forget.

— Mav (Chris Holly) (in the Toy Story “Claw people” voice)

Goodbye my brothers, I go to unconsciousness … a better place.

— H. Jameel al Khafiz (in a similar voice)

She later confessed to me that I was the only person, besides herself, who could make her really laugh. It was the best grade I ever got.

— Chip Kidd, The Cheese Monkeys

What can you say about a society that says God is dead and Elvis is alive?

— Irv Kupcinet

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