Introducing reinstate-revert-revert

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This may be somewhere in 4D space, since it’s a bit of a corner case on a corner case, but I wrote a pre-commit hook plugin to handle a bit manual work required when dealing with git reverts.

Introducing: reinstate-revert-revert.

It automates the manual leg-work I would do when reverting a revert commit. Typically this is when I’m reinstating a merge commit that had to be reverted, usually as the first step toward fixing the bug that caused the initial revert in the first place.

This is definitely not something that comes up very often, but the amount of effor required was just annoying enough to make me want to automate it. It only took me, er, several years to sit down and do it. This was inspired by my most recent presentation of my two-part Git Fundamentals talk.

Hopefully it will save someone else a bit of time as well, and the savings can compound.

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