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Our kitchen is now permeated by the wonderfully pungent aroma of tamarind, ginger, and chaat masala. There are other scents laced through it, but right now the overpowering aromas are from the cooked portion of the chaat that I'm building for tomorrow. (It's a wonderful balance of pungent, sweet, savory, and hot that I love about Asian cuisines generally, and Indian cuisine in particular.)

Yummy! Now, on to the egg-strudel concoction, and finish by attempting to recreate the "Hair of Fenrisúlfr" Bloody Marys I made years ago. (Damn my drunken experimentation)

Oh, Yes...


I remember that feeling.

That's frostbite.

Edit: Also from yesterday's ride. Today I rode longer, but I got up an hour later and brought gloves.

#include <stddisclaim.h>


I should go back and count the number of times I've written this entry in one form or another. On the other hand, it would probably just depress me.

I have a whole bunch of entries rolling around in my head (and opening my blog stash file I found a few more), friends have posted things that I'd very much like to reply to, but as of yet, none of that has happened. The trouble is, I generally only write such things on the train anymore, and though I head for the train with the best of intentions ("Yeah! I'm going to write THAT entry when I get there!") by the time I get on the train, nothing could be further from my desire at that moment. The same is pretty much true now, but let's see if I can get any of them done now.

Edit: This was actually written yesterday morning, just to show that I still suck.

Yay Decadence!


(I meant to post this in the morning but work is crazy)

Another indication of how much my life has changed:

I got to sleep in today.

until 7:30.

And it felt like pure decadence.

Jesus H. Fscking Christ!


Any MySQL fanboi who so much as insinuates that it is anything other than the half-assed, inconsistent, steaming pile of shit (in a usage that degrades the term) kludge that it is will face my wrath.

That also goes for anyone caught using the terms "MySQL" and "database" or "enterprise" in the same breath. Even with some kind of superlative negative in between. You're still suggesting that the thought entered your mind.

Edit: Yes, yes. It's my own damn fault for building a major component relying on a feature that's new in MySQL 5. They can't even do right what they claim they've always done, what was I smoking when I suggested trusting something new?

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