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Band Geek 4 Life!


The plethora of emotions this brought to the surface was a bit surprising, actually:

Unfortunately, I can't find one from the "correct" perspective.

Represent, yo

(via Play this Thing)



I just suffered a strong sense of cognative dissonance this morning reading David Byrne wax poetic on Justin Timberlake's Madison Square Garden concert [about 2/3 of the way down, "JT on HBO"]. I would have assumed . . . Well, I would have assumed that he was as closed-minded as I am.

Sure, I could write it off as simply one artist's appreciation for the craft execution of another. But that would miss an important lesson here: one of the things I admire and respect about Byrne is the gusto with which he tries new things!

As an artist, it benefits him greatly to be able to embace the new. But the same could be said for all of us as human beings.

RSS Is . . .


RSS is a long, protracted exercise in letting go.

. . .And a constant reminder that I need more practice.

I'm With Stupid (Homophobes)

I'm still giggling.

I know I have a well established reputation (in some circles, anyway) as a typography geek nerd, so it will come as little surprise to some of you that this makes me very, very happy.

(Incidentally, the web/usability geek in me strongly disagrees, and points out that their navigation and accessibility could be vastly improved with some trivial changes)

My Capacity for Surprise


[ed. note: I just noticed that this was posted as a draft and never got out, it was originally "posted" 2/13]

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

  1. The gov'ment will continue to errode our rights and basic community standard of living (when they're not bulldozing the whole lot).
  2. People are turning away from the public discourse in droves.
  3. The Intarweb is a breeding ground for every quirk of the human experiment. But mostly, it's just porn (not that this should surprise anyone, see #1. The outlet has to come somewhere.)

It's that last one that I find myself thinking about right now. It's well-accepted that you can find any "perversion" you want if you look hard enough.

And yet, even taking that as obvious, I still find myself surprised that I have not lost my capacity for surprise when it comes to these matters.

This isn't one of those, "OMFG, look at the sick and twisted things people post on their websites." moments, it's more of a head-scratching, "WTF?" moment.

My first reaction was Stan Marsh's voice ringing in my ears: "DUDE! What the fuck is wrong with German people??"

[Note: Believe it or not, for all my ranting above, that link IS safe for work. So long as you don't venture too far. I think. YMMV.]

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