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Swiftly Satirical


[For the really impatient, you can just skip straight to dessert.]

I've been remiss, but work has been Crazy! A few of you already know this, but for those that don't:

Chiara and I took part in an event ruse last Saturday. She has already described the event fairly completely, I just feel compelled to point out that in presenting the puzzles as faits acomplis, she makes them seem much easier than they were. Much of our time was spent figuring out how to attack each clue, and what the puzzle might ultimately be.

After collecting plastic eggs all afternoon, the final step of the final puzzle spelled out "ARE YOU READY TO PUT YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET(,) CHIARA(?)" I had knelt beside her to "read over her shoulder" while she transcribed the message as Kate read it. At least, that's what she thought. Finally, questions were popped, the enormity sunk in, and champagne flowed.

Yes, the entire event was a ruse. And everyone involved, save one (miraculously), knew that.

So, how did this incredible, over-the-top, crazy afternoon come to pass?

Chartering Airplanes


Last night A few nights ago as we were watching Twin Peaks Special Agent Dale Cooper said, "I have no fear."

At which point I immediately piped up: "Of course not, because fear is the mind-killer, fear is the tiny death that brings total obliteration."

My smug smirk was met with a blank stare. Oh well, she's human, I knew she wasn't perfect.

. . . In her defense, she's never read the book, and has only seen the Lynch movie once. And, let's be honest, as much as I love Lynch generally and that movie specifically, if you've never read the book, I can't believe that movie would have made ANY sense.

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