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There are far too many words for me to write here, and I’ll never get it out if I try to capture them all. Keeping it short: The candle that burns at both ends burns twice as bright, but half as long. Horus succumbed to chronic renal failure today. Hoka Hey, little man.

Quality Time with Pepper
Quality Time with Pepper, originally posted by Erik
Sleeping Horus
Sleeping Horus, originally posted by Chiara


So sorry to read this news. One of ours has early-stage CRF, I'm hoping it'll be several more years before it really affects his quality-of-life. Sigh.

If you caught it in the early stages and manage it appropriately (mostly with diet) it’s very likely that it will be years before his quality of life is affected.

hi erik.
Sorry for the loss of your cat. Glad to see you life is moving along so well in general.

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