My Most Recent "Kanga & Roo Moment"


Today I realized that "Stupid Agent Technology" and what I used to hear (years ago) as "Stupid Asian Technology" are, in fact, one an the same. I blame the fact that there was a several year lapse in my being around people who actually use the term.

Of course, the correct term makes quite a bit more sense. I imagined my mondegreen must have to do with the fact that menial labor is so cheap when you have such a surplus of population, and found the term more than mildly offensive.

[And to the original perpetrator of the "Kanga & Roo Moment," (who is on my LJ f.list, but I don't think actually reads it anymore): I hope you get a smirk from the fact that I have ever since referred to them that way. It is, to my mind, the perfect term. Hugs. Hello to Edward. ]

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