Golden Gate Social Bike Ride!


I'm putting together an all-abilities, all-ages, slow as molasses, stop & smell the roses bicycle ride over the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday 6/10.

I keep putting this announcement off, and if I do that much longer, I'll be riding alone, since nobody will have been alerted. I first mentioned this in a LiveJournal comment buried in a thread several levels deep. The electronic equivalent of the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying "Beware of the Leopard."

Saturday, June 10th (next Saturday, not tomorrow). My plan is to start at my house at 9am. If I'm riding alone, I can probably be at the bridge in 30 minutes, but connecting with people will modify that, and the schedule for this ride is necessarily a bit flexible. I'm open to other ideas (see below)
Anyone who has a bike, can manage to stay (mostly) upright on it, and wants to ride across the Golden Gate (C'mon! It's fun! You should do it at least once!)
Riding a bicycle across the Golden Gate Bridge. Also, you might want to consult your doctor about ADHD, and/or cut down on the fine herb clouding your short-term memory.
At a minimum, the Bridge, but see below

I plan to ride from my house and over the Bridge, at a minimum. I expect to connect with people along the way. I will stress again, for the ADHD sufferers out there, that this is a slow, fun, social ride. There are some options to consider, however (nearly all of these can be played by ear)

Options on the Near End

  1. Ride with me from my house
  2. Join up with me somewhere along the route to the Marina (mostly for SF residents, but I'm easy.)
  3. Park in the garage in the Marina (near the bridge), meet us there. This is probably the best option for South Bay denizens, especially those worried about distance / fitness.
  4. Miraculously find parking in the parking lot at the bridge, or on the streets surrounding, join us there, ride over the bridge, ride right back, get into the car, go home, secure in the accomplishment of actually riding a bicycle over the bridge. I strongly recommend against this approach, but it is an option.

Options on the Far End

  1. Turn around at the Marin end of the bridge, and backtrack. Certainly an option, but take a look at #2 before you settle on this.
  2. Continue (almost entirely downhill) into Sausalito, have lunch, or just sit in the park. Take the Ferry back to SF (which lets out close to the garage in the Marina.
  3. Same as above, minus the ferry. (What goes down, must come up. It does, however, feel great to conquer it.)
  4. Continue from Sausalito to Tiburon (a gorgeous ride, but it's another 10-15 miles) I, myself, will only consider doing this on the condition that everyone is going, or everyone who is not going is taking the ferry back to SF, and disappearing in their cars immediately after getting off the ferry. We can take the ferry back from Tiburon.
  5. Or not. Complete the circuit. I might be up for this, but I reserve the right to wimp out. Contingent on more of the same above.

Deviations from these options are highly encouraged! Any questions? ASK!

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