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Or should that be "Lame-Blog Powers?" Or is that too pleonastic?

I created this blog to test a MovableType instance I was installing for some Slackers' Network users. And I re-created it when I was testing the Slackers' Network automatic "make me a blog" script. At both of those times I toyed with the idea of actually trying to keep a blog, but came to the conclusion that I don't have enough to say on a consistent basis to warrant spewing it into a blog.

Fundamentally, I don't think anything has changed. But recently I grabbed my "Personal" page as a random guinea pig in revamping my website (tooling it into XHTML/CSS), and I realized that it's already slightly out of date. And that version was the first major edit in over 5 years.

It occurred to me that such a page full of ephemeral information would be better presented in a date-stamped, episodic format. Namely, a blog. And so here we are. I don't really expect anyone to read it, but it will hopefully it will assuage my desire for random personal commentary on the web.

And there may be a side benefit for people who see me on a regular basis. I have (once again) gotten annoyed at my habit of repeating stories ad nauseaum. And I assume that if it annoys me, it drives my friends crazy. This way I can post things to the blog with the intention of getting them out of my system. People that care to can read them, and I'll be left to find more interesting (or at least less boring) things to talk about.

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